Holy Communion, the Lord Supper, Sacrament of the Alter, the Eucharist, is a Christian sacrament or ordinance reenacted in accordance with Jesus’ instruction at the Last Supper, as recorded in several books of the New Testament, that His disciples celebrate in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why do we partake in Holy Communion? Because we have been baptized into the Name of the One true God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We have been instructed concerning the meaning of Holy Communion, and we understand the importance of self-examination prior to coming to the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:27-29). We believe that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ are really present in the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion, and we desire to receive Christ’s Body and Blood, given and shed for the forgiveness of our sins. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire and intend to lead a more Godly and Christ like life, trusting in God’s promises and obeying His commands.